Bone-In Ribeye and Yukon Gold Potato Wedges

Bone-In Ribeye and Yukon Gold Potato Wedges

Everybody is always wondering what is the best way to cook a Bone-In Ribeye, and today we're going to show you how to use our favorite method to cook a Bone-In Ribeye! As a bonus, we're also going to give you an amazing recipe for smoked, fresh cut, Yukon Gold Potato Wedges! 



  • 1-2 Prime or Choice Grade Bone-In Ribeyes
  • 1 Pound of Fresh Yukon Gold Potatoes
  • Olive Oil - To Be Used as a Binder for the steak and potatoes
  • Little Lu's BBQ SPG and Birdie Rubs


To get things started we're going to set the smoker to 250 degrees, we used our PitBoss for this recipe but you can use a regular grill with indirect cooking, as well as a traditional offset smoker as well. 

While the smoker is pre-heating to 250 degrees, we're going to take the Bone-In Ribeye at room temperature and give it a small coating of olive oil. The olive oil acts as a binder, and will allow the rub to stick perfectly. Once the olive oil binder is on, you're going to take that steak and rub it liberally with our SPG seasoning. This seasoning has Salt, Pepper, Garlic, and a few other trade secrets that help create excellent flavor on beef, while also helping to create a perfect crust as the end result. Once the ribeye is seasoned it's time to take those freshly washed Yukon Gold Potatoes, and cut them into thick wedges. Once the potatoes are cut into thick wedges, it's time to coat them with a small coating of olive oil as a binder, and then we're going to season them with a base layer of SPG, and then we're going to throw our Birdie rub on top of that. Our Birdie rub is Brown Sugar base, and that mixed with the SPG will create a potato that is very savory, with a hint of sweet at the same time. It's honestly one of our favorite flavor profiles! 

When the pit has hit 250 degrees, it's time to get the ribeye onto the smoker. Place the ribeye the furthest away from the heating source, and it's going to cook for around 35-45 minutes until it hits an internal temperature you're desiring. We like to go rare, to get a medium rare finish when searing, but everybody is different. When the steak hits that internal temperature you're looking for, it's time to take it off and let it rest for a while before searing. When you take the steak off to sear, crank the grill temperature and get it to 400 while those potatoes are cooking on the grill in a seasoned Cast Iron skillet. During the cook of the potatoes make sure to flip them every 5-6 minutes so they cook all the way through. After the grill has reached 400 degrees plus, it's time to sear that steak! Sear the ribeye over the flames for about 1-2 minutes per side. With our SPG rub, and a perfect sear, you will achieve a perfect crust on that steak. When the steak comes off, cover it with aluminum foil, and let rest for about 10 minutes before cutting into it. 

Cut the steak and serve with the delicious fresh cut Yukon Gold potato wedges! 

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