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Our Backstory...

Thanks for stopping by! Little Lu's BBQ started from a serious BBQ Passion that most people would say was actually an addiction, and wanting to bring that "addiction" to all of you! Geoffrey had been making his own rubs, and spices for his BBQ for a while and all his friends and family loved them. They were constantly talking about how awesome and complimentary the flavor profiles were when paired with meats, and smoking woods. This got him thinking that it would be awesome to get these rubs, and spices into the hands of more people. After talking to his fiancé for a while, and bouncing ideas back and forth, Little Lu's BBQ was born. Geoffrey often talks about how nothing is more important to him than Family, God and Friends. Because of this, the name Little Lu's BBQ was chosen to be named after Geoffrey's Daughter, Lucia Iris.

"The BBQ community is one large family, and I'd love to welcome you to my family!" - Geoffrey - Founder of Little Lu's BBQ.

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