Pig Candy

Pig Candy

Let's make one of the easiest, and most flavorful snacks you can make for any game day, and or get together. This is sure to make YOU, the MVP of the party! 



  • A half pound or Pound of Thick Cut Bacon
  • Little Lu's Sweet Hog BBQ Rub
  • Good and Gather Honey Habanero Pepper Jam or your favorite hot sauce


To get things started we're going to get the Pit Boss Smoker lit and rolling at 375. Once the grill is getting to temperature we're going to lay out the bacon on a baking sheet using a wire rack to elevate the bacon. Once our bacon is laid out, you're going to want to get a healthy lather of the Honey Habanero hot sauce on both sides of the bacon. Next coat the front, and back liberally with our Sweet Hog BBQ Rub. 


Once that's done get the bacon on your pit / grill and let it roll until the bacon is nice and crispy, but not burnt. This will take around 30-45 minutes depending on your bacon, and the cooker as well. 

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